The First Hiring Mindset Shift You Need to Make to Be a Successful Leader

Launching a business is an act of optimism. It’s a bold, hopeful statement about how we want to build our own futures.

No one sets out to create a coaching practice or series of online courses by saying, “Gee, I sure hope this grows a little bit and then completely stalls out! I can’t wait to feel completely stuck in a year, and consider shutting it all down!”

And yet, so many entrepreneurs adopt mindsets that hinder the growth of our own businesses.

We play small.
We undercharge.
We focus on the wrong priorities.

Above, all many of us cling to our misconceptions about money, spending, and being smart with our expenditures. Especially when a business is just getting started, it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that doing absolutely everything yourself is both cheap and wise.

Instead of investigating how much it might cost to hire a virtual assistant, we assume it’s way out of our budget range and plow ahead alone. Sometimes, if we do...

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